Our NAWD Pros

NAWD is proud of the Pros who have embraced the goals we stand for: Education, Equine Welfare and fair and balanced Virtual Competition. They are listed below by state. Check them out and contact them to schedule a lesson, either virtual or on-site.

Clinics are valuable and fun

Do you have a group of riders interested in learning more about this system that rewards classical training principles that help horses be the best that they can be? Host a clinic in your area! Our pros are well qualified to teach you and your friends.

Jen Mandel

Durham, CT

Julie Slater

Western Kansas

Kim Briele

Salisbury, MD


Evelyn Pfoutz

Westminster, MD

Linda Lamarche

East Candia, NH

Stephanie Burgess

South Hampton, NJ


Coeli Netski

Tabernacle, NJ


Barbara Soukup

Chardon, OH


Amanda Lane

West Bend, WI

Jennifer Bull

New Richmond, WI

Jen Johnson


Kate Fenner

N.Z. Australia