North American Western Dressage

Would you like to have your training progress evaluated, riding at home in your own arena, at the level you and your horse are at today?

Nationwide video shows

NAWD is providing riders the opportunity to compete and gain feedback from the comfort of their own backyard using the power of video.

Live shows and other virtual showing programs only spend 3-5 minutes on your ride. Here at NAWD, we usually spend 30-40 minutes per video making sure that their comments give you detailed information. 

NAWD judges rewind and stop your video as necessary to ensure that they will give you a genuine score so that you can make genuine improvement!

The Welfare of the Horse

NAWD has made knowledgable, sustainable and humane training of the horse as it's primary focus. We are taking a solid stance against training practices which have been scientifically proven detrimental to the long term well being of our beloved partners.

Advisory Board

Judges committed to sustainable training practices

Firm stance against the BTV riding and training

Find out more about NAWD's committment to our partner, the Horse...

Imagine getting detailed comments with your test scores...

This is possible only in the video setting, and only from NAWD judges, who take 30 or more minutes for each test they evaluate.

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What does Western Dressage look like?