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NEW! All-Around Free Style



Combine Western Dressage with your favorite discipline with these new tests from NAWD!  

The all-around segment of the freestyle upholds the NAWD mission that: Classical Principles can help any horse become a better partner and improve his performance for any discipline. 

Click here to view rules and tests 

North American Western Dressage



 Western Dressage is not just another class to enter, not just another skill to learn. Western Dressage is bringing the English and Western worlds together through the time-tested methods of Classical Dressage.

Whether we ride in a Stetson or Breeches, whether we work to perfect the shoulder-in or sliding stop, we can all benefit from teaching our horses to carry themselves in a more balanced fashion. 

Western Dressage can be done by every horse regardless of breed, color, sex, size, talent, or level of training.

  • It requires no special equipment nor a lot of money
  • Western Dressage builds confidence and will help you become a better rider
  • Western Dressage builds muscle-tone and will make your horse stronger and healthier

The definition of "dressage" is merely "training".  What horse can't benefit from better training?  We are here to help you find the resources you need to get started working towards a better relationship and training your horse to understand and accept your aids and cues.   

The lower level concepts of Western Dressage will help improve a horse's performance for every discipline.  As you advance, you may choose to make Western Dressage your primary discipline or move on to another sport.  

 No matter which direction you choose,we are here to help you meet your goals.