The North American Western Dressage Advisory Board

Since it's inception in 2010, NAWD has stood for Horse Welfare. Our stance has been noted by these emminant Equine Welfare Advocates, and they have graciously agreed to join our Advisory Board

Executive Director (president) & Six Feet on the Ground Chair

Jen Johnson has had 35 years of experience riding, showing, training, and ... Read more ->

Associate Executive Director (vice-president) & Ethics Committee Chair

Greta Liubakka has owned, trained and ridden horses for 30 something years… Read more->

Publicity Director & General Board of Directors

Jessica Hein of Justin, Texas, is a lifelong horsewoman: she's been taking riding lessons since age 8 and ...  Read more ->


Kristine Barstow is the Internal Operations Manager at a million-dollar non-profit agency.  Her non-profit expertise and attention to detail is a great fit! ... Read more ->

Social Media Co-Manager

Rachael Loucks is a an equestrian and educator–trying hard to figure out how to blend the two. Professionally she is a college faculty... Read more ->

Social Media Co-Manager

Amy Broadie lives in Wisconsin and is a lifelong amateur horse enthusiast. She doesn’t specialize in any particular equestrian discipline or... Read more ->

TRAX for Education Committee (Chair)

I am Connie Leach from Ky. I learned about the North American Western Dressage Association by .. Read more ->

TRAX for Education Committee 

Welcome to NAWD TRAX Education!  My name is Jane Brack and my riding partner’s name is Hank. Hank and I LOVE Western Dressage... Read more ->

TRAX Awards program chair

Crystal Short and RFR The Quietman (Duke) came together when he was at the age of four. Crystal did all the training... Read more ->

TRAX Committee Member and Stars Manager

Stacey Gorman found NAWD a great learning avenue and loves the idea of competing from home... Read more ->

Youth Director

Before becoming involved in Western Dressage, Michaela Vorweck  rode several different disciplines. She has had a lot of experience with riding and ...  Read more ->
Coeli Netsky
 and Heather Kiefer are also on this committee.

Rules and Test Committee Chair

Amanda Lane competes in Western Dressage, Ranch Horse and many types of Extreme Trail events. She has been training for the public since 2009...  Read more ->

Judging and Education Director

Donna Snyder-Smith has been a national sports coach/clinician and riding instructor for ... Read more ->
Coeli NetskyJulie SlaterJen JohnsonAlece Ellis are also on this committee


North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is a registered non-profit in the state of Minnesota.

NAWD is overseen by an Executive Director that works with an Executive Committee.  Any paid member in good standing can make a rule change proposal for NAWD.  Those proposals are reviewed by the respective committee(s) for consideration. NAWD has standing committees for Ethics and Competition. Those committees vote to bring the respective rule change proposal out of committee and to the Executive Committee.  At the discretion of the Executive Committee, some rule change proposals may be put forth to the general membership of North American Western Dressage through a voting system selected by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee can make changes to NAWD fees, policies, and programs at any time including but not limited to NAWD Stars, NAWD Trax, NAWD Recognized Shows and other such programs. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, some program changes may be put forth for a vote by the general membership of North American Western Dressage through an online voting opportunity.