NAWD Trail Tests

NAWD Trail tests are not an obstacle course, nor are they meant to desensitize your horse to scary objects.

Rather, they are meant to test how well you and your horse are connected mentally and physically. Can your horse maintain rhythm and relaxation over ground poles? Can she/he bend laterally as she/he serpentines around cones? Can you back your horse through ground poles and around a corner without resistance? Can you ride one-handed for short periods of time when your other hand is required to do specific tasks?

NAWD Trail tests your partnership, confidence, and skill.

Tests are progressive and based on a simple court that remains consistent throughout the trail test levels.

In 2016, North American Western Dressage is pleased to present the following Western Dressage Trail Tests. We have added an In-Hand Test and a Primary (lowest level) test.

Trail Diagram

This is a sample diagram for the trail tests. The dimensions, markers, and obstacles should all be placed as delineated here. 

Thank you to Sherry Rosser Carrol and Dr Michael Guerini for your contributions to this Program.