NAWD Leadline Therapeutic Western Dressage

The purpose of the Therapeutic Dressage test is to introduce riders to dressage using the training scale. The emphasis of the test is on the education of the rider and the effort that he/she puts forth. Riders who are actively engaged in attempting to guide the horse will see higher scores.

This class is for riders with Disabilities as defined by  the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) or other similar therapeutic horsemanship program It can be split by age if entries warrant.

Riders in this class may not show in non- Therapeutic mounted classes, but the horse may be ridden in other classes by other exhibitors.

Leadline Therapeutic Dressage Director

Do you have questions? Annie Trice is the director for this program.

The union between therapeutic riding and western dressage is a great way to use a highly respected riding discipline to help therapeutic riders achieve their best equitation, while improving their balance, focus, and confidence with achievement at all levels.  The therapeutic western dressage tests developed by our program have been created with specific aspects and goals in mind.

--Annie Trice

Dress code suggestion, equipment for horse and handlers, and other relevant guidelines can be found here: