Western Dressage

NAWD Western Dressage

NAWD is providing riders the opportunity to compete and gain feedback from the comfort of their own backyard using the power of video.  Video gives our judges the power to take unlimited time to view your ride your ride and plenty of time to consider what they are seeing.  They are encouraged to give lots of comments and give you suggestions for improvement if they feel inspired to do so.  Watching your video allows you to see what the judge is seeing and make adjustments.  Riders from around the world are enjoying the benefits of this progressive training system at stables everywhere and from the comfort of their own backyard.

6 Feet On The Ground

NAWD’s groundwork program provides a progressive system of tests for practice, training, and competition.  Working with your horse on the ground is the first step in developing a partnership and we should consistently take the opportunity to evaluate this most basic foundation building activity.  There are many different ways that people train their horses on the ground, and this program allows you freedom and flexibility to work with your horse in the way that is most effective for you.


NAWD All-Around Freestyle tests begin with a list of prescribed elements of Western Dressage tests, then ask you to show us something that lets your horse shine!

NAWD All-Around Freestyle Tests — The all-around segment of the freestyle upholds the NAWD mission that: Classical Principles can help any horse become a better partner and improve his performance for any discipline.

Long Reining

Long-Reining will benefit you and your horse in many rewarding ways! Long-Reining (also called Long-Lining) is commonly known as a technique for transitioning young horses from ground work to working under saddle.  This provides a great next step for your young horse to reduce the level of confusion and anxiety when the rider climbs on for that first ride.

In addition, when used with attention to equine biomechanics and the science of movement, long-reining can be beneficial in many other ways. Integrating this type of groundwork into your training program can improve balance, rhythm, impulsion, and relaxation.