NAWD All-Around Freestyle for Western Dressage and Traditional Dressage


NAWD All-Around Freestyle tests begin with a list of prescribed elements of Western Dressage tests, then ask you to show us something that lets your horse shine!


NAWD All-Around Freestyle Tests — The all-around segment of the freestyle upholds the NAWD mission that: Classical Principles can help any horse become a better partner and improve his performance for any discipline.

All-Around (any discipline)” points will be awarded when riders demonstrate versatility by including movements or elements that are not included in Dressage or western Dressage Tests.

Some examples may be: gaming patterns, reining moves, trail obstacles, cutting, cattle working, mounted shooting, carrying a flag, roping, garrocha, working equitation obstacles, etc. These are just a few examples.

Complete Freestyle Set

For your convenience and ease of printing, we have prepared a complete set of freestyle tests that do not include the score totals and collective sections.

Individual Official Tests

NAWD Collectives apply and these tests are judged using the NAWD Objective Judging System.

Individual tests with collectives and judge’s comment section may be downloaded and printed below. They are 2 pages each.

Thanks to Amanda Lane and Sherry Rosser-Carroll for your valuable contributions to the freestyle tests.